With the aim of research and continuous improvement of our power supply systems, in recent years we have stepped forward in the standardization and weight reduction of our auxiliary power solutions, with more compact, efficient and reliable designs.

Both in urban mass transit systems such as long-distance, regional trains and high-speed trains, we are converting energy and adapting it to the requirements of customers with the efficiency and high-performance SEPSA’s systems”

  • Battery Chargers

    The battery charger takes energy from the train line and its main function is to supply DC Voltage for feeding the low voltage loads and for charging the batteries. Outputs are electrically isolated from the input line.

  • Auxiliary Converters

    Axiliary Converter feeds all the auxiliary systems on the train like lighting, air conditioning, battery charging, control and other onboard systems, etc. The output from the DC to AC auxiliary converter is 3-phase AC at standards voltage with or without neutral output and is used for train lighting and the AC motors of air conditioning […]