At present it is essential a fleet monitoring system on trains. Getting information of the train status in real time, its speed, position, subsystems status, consumption etc. is a must

Also in the unlikely event of a failure in any train subsystem, and even the warning of predictive failure, an accurate information helps us to anticipate and react so as to avoid any dangerous situation.

  • Energy Measurement

    Train Energy Measurement System (EMS) is an all-in-one device for monitoring and analyzing the train energy consumption. Along with the on-board system, equipped with sensors and energy meter, the ground based system receives and stores data for energy management, monitoring and analysis of the train fleet

  • Vehicle Monitoring

    Vehicle Monitoring System (VMS) relates generally to apparatus for collecting data from several inputs and particularly to microcomputer-based device for receiving these inputs. Collected data could be recorded for subsequent monitoring or analyzed on real operation of the train by sending these data to the driver monitor or to a OCC. With the aim of […]