People are involved in communication networks in a day-to-day life, passengers must be able to access to Internet through their mobile devices, both for personal reasons as for their work needs, while car builders and rail operators need to handle a lot of data both inside the train itself and between the train and the control center.

The new technologies seek more information transmitted to the fastest transmission rate. Using the most powerful technology SEPSA offers different communication systems, both to ensure the correct transmission and data connection between all train subsystems, such as train to ground communications.

  • Network

    With the technical development of the on-board subsystems, there has been in parallel a demand for more reliable and powerful networks. The network is really the frame on which the most advanced systems are assembled, supporting the transfer of multimedia information and all necessary data information to integrate everything on a train. Networks need to […]

  • Internet Access

    Providing an on board Internet access has become the new standard of comfort. For passengers, a Internet access allows a smooth and confort during their travel by train. For train operators, this service is a competitive advantage and gives an additionalss argument to entice new passengers by upgrading their level of confort onboard. Passenger Internet […]

  • Train to Ground

    The on-board Communications Equipment (WDL) is the train installed communications system with data and multimedia communications capability, allowing WiFi and cellular (3G or 4G) communications between the train and the ground (OCC)