As it is well known, trains are one of the safest forms of transport, Albatros through its know-how and the excellence of its products, contributes to improve passengers security, protecting them in the best possible way.

Governments and rail operators also want to assure the security of their valuable rail assets.

In the face of today’s increased security concerns, the use of the most advanced proven technology is the answer.

Act quickly and effectively is a priority. Security teams and police can supervise the risks of crime, robbery, terrorism, accidents and other dangerous situations with the real-time information, so that they can anticipate and tackle them.

  • ATP – ASFA Digital

    ASFA DIGITAL System is a semicontinue ATP System, being its main fuction to achieve a continues supervision of the speed of the train by the information read in the beacons. ATP System controls the speed on startup and gives an over speed protection, free track control, stop announcement control, pre-announcement stop control, detour gait detection, […]

  • Event Recorder

    Event Recorder (ER) is an onboard data recorder that records data about the operation of train controls and performance in response to those controls and other train control systems. Data storage is provided by crashworthy non-volatile EEPROM or Flash Memory overwritten in a FIFO continuous loop. The data is intended for use in the investigation […]

  • Video Black Box

    The term“black box” became commonly known in connection with airline crashes. These devices record very specific information about a vehicle’s operation for a period of time prior to a crash, which almost always plays a significant part in determining the cause of an accident. Over time, the black box concept was applied to other forms […]

  • Video Surveillance

    New CCTV systems make rail travels are safe for passengers and goods thanks to our DVR on-board equipment which fits perfectly with any specific environment of rail transport. Take the control and manage the Digital Video Recorder for a proper storage of images and control of video images visualization taken from the cameras of the […]