The Company

  • In the last five years, Albatros has increased its

    Entering in new markets and competing technologically with leading multinationals. Regarding the manufacturing capabilities, Albatros factories have been modernized to increase its capacity in the United States (with a new plant) and Brazil, with facilities in Sao Paulo. It also has sales offices and a network of agents in more than 20 countries, so it is able to assist the rail markets all over the world. The key competitive advantages that Albatros offers over its competitors are basically three: first, it has a proven experience in the sector, with more than 29,000 converters and 35,000 onboard systems installed in railway vehicles over more than 30 countries.

    In second place, we have done the service and maintanance of our equipment installed over the world for over 30 years, which allows the company to predict the necessary improvements and anticipate the needs of customers.

  • The investment in R&D is especially remarkable, which exceeds 10% of the annual sales of the company.

    Albatros’ main goal is to be on top of the strong innovation requirements that the 21st century railway market demands, with new products for the passenger comfort, using the most advanced technologies. Innovative CCTV systems, self-diagnosis capabilities, high edge service and maintenance activities and onboard infotainment equipment are some of the new products that Albatros is working on nowadays.
    The strong track record of the company has made the group to obtain major agreements to supply converters and information systems in different countries. In the United States, Albatros has worked among others for New York, Chicago, Houston and Washington subways

  • A total volume of more than 2,000 vehicles in this market.

    In Spain, the company has enjoyed the confidence of the high-speed Madrid-Barcelona, Renfe (CIVIA) or Madrid, Barcelona and Seville subways. In South America, we are currently working intensively on other metro projects for Santo Domingo, Lima, Guadalajara, Toluca and Panama.