Our Products

The railway world is a dynamic sector where innovation and custom systems are often requested to reach complex challenges, Albatros is day to day evolving its products to suit client needs. Albatros is based on state of the art designs, hard work and entrepreneurship, and it is the passion for innovation and, on top of that, or top quality what moves forward the company.

New products and systems are usually developed involving customers in the R&D process to ensure that the features and priorities in development projects meet customer needs. We even have cooperation agreements with academic partners, such as universities, to shape state-of-the-art technologies and products.

Taking into account the specific characteristics of our scope of products, our Engineering is divided into two main areas: power electronics, whose mission is the development of auxiliary power converters and battery chargers; and on-board electronic systems (information and entertainment for passengers, video surveillance, data communications, etc.) and other ground-based systems. Both working focused on their respective range of systems, though taking advantage of the synergies that their technological developments could provide from each other.

More than 150 senior engineers are involved in research and development on software and hardware.