Event Recorder

Event Recorder (ER) is an onboard data recorder that records data about the operation of train controls and performance in response to those controls and other train control systems.
Data storage is provided by crashworthy non-volatile EEPROM or Flash Memory overwritten in a FIFO continuous loop. The data is intended for use in the investigation of accidents and incidents but is also used to monitor the general state of the train over a determined period of time.
ER is also responsible to calculate the distance covered, the real speed of the train and each information to the driver

  • Measurement of the speed, acceleration and the distance covered by the train.
  • Direct capture of discrete and analogue variables through physical inputs.
  • Capture of discrete and analogue variables through communications.
  • Speed levels monitoring and activation of the corresponding relay outputs.
  • Chronological register of events, train speed, distance, date and time for legal purposes.
  • Analysis and display of the recorded events.
  • Creation of a complete copy of the record of the protected memory in non-volatile, non-crash-protected FLASH memory for faster extraction and to have greater temporary control.
  • Support for extraction interface by inserting a USB-compatible Pendrivetype device, with device authentication by validation algorithm.
  • Configuration of functional parameters.
  • Self-check of operation.
  • Real-time clock for the rest of the equipment.
  • Improved crash worthiness by means of a hardened memory module able to withstand:
  • – Fire resistance of 750 °C for 1 hour, this test simulates the temperature of burning diesel fuel
  • – Impact shock of 55 g
  • – Static crush of 110 kN for 5 minutes, this test simulates a locomotive derailment and blunt object impact
  • – Fluid immersion in Diesel, water, salt water or lube oils for 2 days
  • – Hydrostatic pressure equivalent to immersion to a depth of 15 m in water for 2 days
  • The operating temperature of the control electronic will be as specified in category T3 of the standard EN 50155
  • The storing temperature of the control electronic will be of -25ºC to +85ºC.
  • Memory module compliant with the IEEE 1482.1-1999 standard

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