Internet Access

Providing an on board Internet access has become the new standard of comfort. For passengers, a Internet access allows a smooth and confort during their travel by train.
For train operators, this service is a competitive advantage and gives an additionalss argument to entice new passengers by upgrading their level of confort onboard.
Passenger Internet Access (PIA) system set up a wireless link between the train and the ISPs to provide internet access (WIFI) to the passengers and even a special access (superuser) to the crew.

  • Passenger Internet Access (DHCP) P On-board Wifi system
  • Dedicated Cellular and Wifi Link with the wayside public Internet
  • Interface with the train unit’s Ethernet Network
  • Designed with the highest degree of security
  • Interface with the onboard Central Diagnostic System (CDS) and the Central Diagnostic Panel (CDP).
  • Configuration of functional parameters
  • Firewall capabilities, for the System´s security
  • Configurable rules
  • Captive portal
  • URL redirection
  • PIA load balancing
  • PIA agregation link
  • Bandwidth balancing for PIA and WDL

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