Public Address & Intercom

Public Address (PA) system performs the automatic and non automatic announcements for passenger information and also to issue emergency announcements for security or warning aims.
The PA system offers functions such as announcements, automatic announcements, and is also able to broadcast the announcements from the Operation Control Center (OCC)
Additionally also it enables communication between the driver and the crew or the passengers

  • Public Address, Crew Intercom and Passenger Emergency Intercom system.
  • Control of public address connections, allowing communications such as: Cab – INT, Cab – Cab, Cab – Passengers, Radio – Passengers/Cab and Announcer – Passengers.
  • Passenger Information System with manual and automatic audio and text messages Announcement.
  • Signs and Information Displays control.
  • Audio and textual announcements of the next station on the line, transfer connections, and other special messages associated with each station, for passengers onboard. Automatic announcements are based on measuring distance or through GPS signal.
  • Audio and textual announcement of special notifications regarding the service conditions of the units for the passenger onboard.
  • Textual announcements of the stations on the route, destination, and other special notifications regarding the service conditions of the units for passengers on the platform.
  • Indication of train destination to the passengers on the station platform and onboard.
  • Support for configuration/change of lines and routes over which the train will travel.
  • Digital ambient music player.
  • Control of audio level in each car depending on the ambient noise, the speed and on the occupation.
  • Control of the interface with the Train Radio.
  • Control of exterior speaker audio level depending on selected stations during selected hours of the day and when the train is in storage yards.
  • One-way audio communication from OCC to train passengers through the Wireless Communication System.
  • Direct capture of discrete variables through physical inputs.
  • Totally digital system: Voice over IP (VoIP), Different audio/displays connections constantly, Increase of audio quality
  • Total ETHERNET Connectivity
  • TSI redundances compliance
  • Designed to comply with Railway Standards
  • GSM/4G/WIFI Land Mobile Communication
  • Displays (LED, LCD)
  • Connectivity to other systems (video entertainment, CCTV, etc.)
  • Possibility of integration with the TCMS and other systems

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