Train to Ground

The on-board Communications Equipment (WDL) is the train installed communications system with data and multimedia communications capability, allowing WiFi and cellular (3G or 4G) communications between the train and the ground (OCC)

  • Wireless Data Link for on-board systems to wayside systems communication
  • Dedicated Cellular and Wifi Link with the wayside public Internet
  • Interface with the train unit’s Ethernet Network
  • Designed with the highest degree of security
  • Interface with the onboard Central Diagnostic System (CDS) and the Central Diagnostic Panel (CDP).
  • Interface with the Wayside Monitoring and Diagnostic System (WMDS) of the OCC through the onboard dedicated Wireless Link
  • Configuration of functional parameters
  • Firewall capabilities, for the System´s security
  • Bandwidth balancing for PIA and WDL

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